About the Paper Toys

This web site is the show case of my (Bryan C. Ratliff) paper toys. Each paper toy is an original creation in regards to the template and design of the characters. Currently the site features 37 paper toys with a PDF template where you can build your own.

I have been creating paper toys for almost three years and love the idea of sharing them for free. I use Adobe Illustrator to build all of my toys.

About Me

I am an interactive / motion graphics designer & illustrator that grew up and lives in the Midwest, U.S.A.

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All of the paper toys on this site plus a few more are on my blog. Also, I post a bunch of random projects I work on outside of work.

Nobody Likes Edgar

An online story and games I created a while back in using Flash.

About this Site

I created this site using GSAP JS (as the animation engine), jQuery (as the primary selector), jQuery UI (for the drag and drop), JavaScript, CSS & HTML. I used Adobe Dreamweaver to assemble the code and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create the graphics.

This site's purpose was not only to provide a portfolio of toys but to learn more about GSAP JS and jQuery UI.


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